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About Endless Summer Harvest

Endless Summer Harvest (ESH) is a family-owned and operated hydroponic (no-soil) commercial agribusiness located in Purcellville, Virginia. We take great pride in providing locally grown, pesticide free lettuces, gourmet greens, and herbs. Our products are grown year-round in a controlled agriculture environment, thus the name, Endless Summer Harvest. 

The ESH 12,000 square foot greenhouse space is equivalent to 12 acres of traditional farm production. The greenhouses are operated by a state-of-the-art computer and nutrient film technique system. No pesticides are used. 90% of the water is recycled and reused to continuously grow our crop, therefore there is no waste and makes ESH farming more sustainable. 

The Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumers Services (VDACs) has certified Endless Summer Harvests' hydroponic greens as Virginia's Finest because they meet the high standards set by the industry and approved by VDACs. 

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Owner and Proprietress of Endless Summer Harvest

Mary Ellen is a retail executive with over twenty years of staff leadership and client counseling. Mary Ellen has served as the President of the Loudoun County chapter of Business Network International, was appointed to the Loudoun County Rural Economic Development Council by the County Board of Supervisors and served as Chair. Mary Ellen has also served as the president of the Loudoun Valley Home Grown Market Association.


Mary Ellen Taylor


Take our virtual Farm Tour with Mary Ellen!


In Memoriam

Chester D. Taylor, Jr. May 21, 1927 - March 20, 2019

Chester "Chet" Taylor, Jr. was a United States Air Force Brigadier General (Retired).  After twenty-nine years of service as an officer in the United States Air Force Judge Advocate General Corps, he retired from military service and continued to practice law in the private sector for ten years. Chet received a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Minnesota and is a Juris Doctor graduate of its law school. He was awarded an MBA, with honors, by Indiana University. At his military retirement, Chet was awarded the Air Force Distinguished Service Medal, the highest non-combat decoration of the Air Force. Chet was active in community service activities and was a member of the Page County Farmers Association. 


Chet was an integral part of Endless Summer Harvest, and we honor his commitment to excellence, and love of caring for friends and family.  We are carrying on this legacy of commitment and love, and to honor The General, through excellent service to our customers, friends, and family.



Introducing our frESH lettuce team: 

Kerri-  salad builder, order keeper and filler, online store keeper.  She writes ESH web content, blog posts, answers chat questions, tends the farm stand, and is lucky enough to lead best the Prep team in LoCo.  

Ella- she's a salad builder and weekend farm stand saleswoman.  Another Virginia transplant (she's from Vermont), Ella is a competitive archer and aspiring farmer. 

Brooke- joins us as a salad builder and weekend farm stand saleswoman.  She plays bass guitar and is super smaht (said with a Boston accent).  Brooke loves to draw and write, and adores sushi.  

Kayla- salad builder and weekend saleswoman.  Kayla plays softball...A Lot...outfield.  She has such a great attitude and sweet spirit, and will be happy to help you when you come visit us.

Hailey-  salad builder and weekend saleswoman team member.  She plays basketball (Varsity!) and is quite the artist.  Always smiling, Hailey makes a great addition to our fun team.

Cathy- joined our team thinking she was just filling in and helping a friend out.  Little did she know that she would stick around a bit longer than planned, loving every minute of it.  Cathy is a beautiful soul, funny, and super kind.  I've learned a lot from her already.  We really do appreciate Cathy!

Larissa- one of our newest salad builders on the prep team.  Larissa is proving to be a quick study and good at everything she does!  She is a multi-faceted and energetic dynamo, who also works with our friends at Solitude Wool.  

Carolina- also one of our newest salad builders.  She is such a sweet and fun lady!  Carolina is actually a long time ESH friend and fan, turned team member.  We love how full circle this is!

Jacob- head planter-outer, greenhouse magician, crop production extraordinaire, greenhouse maintenance, harvester.  Not afraid of working in the rain.  Gets it done, sometimes soaking wet.  Word has it that he also builds computers and has amazing tech ability!

Ryan- greenhouse team member, gutter washer and maintenance, and Wally's partner in crime.   Ryan has the best positivity I have ever seen in a coworker (we could all learn a thing or two from him).  He loves Cool Ranch Doritos, wrestling, and the Washington Commanders, and always makes us smile when he is around.  This gentleman is another fabulous find! 

Jimmy - greenhouse team member, planter-outer, seed planter, microgreens grower , keeper of the nursery, and harvester.  Jimmy comes to us with superior attitude, work ethic, and a fantastic eagerness to learn all things hydroponic growing.  He is a hero, a veteran of the USMC, and has our absolute respect.  Welcome Jimmy, we are so blessed to know you!

Pat - not just Jimmy's beautiful wife and a mom, but also an amazing lady with a Ph.D., a heart to serve, and more cool experience and commendations than I have space to list.  She's here to learn and lend a hand, and makes our farm a better place.


We don't deserve to know these people, much less get to call them our family!  We really do have the best team in the entire world!






Laura- planter-outer, harvester, order filler, farmers market sign artist, pretty much does a little of everything.  Laura is our Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok page creative genius.  She is versatile, amazing, slightly sassy, and has more talent in one pinky than most.  You will also be seeing Laura at some of the farmers markets, selling our wares.  We would be nothing without Laura!

Anneliese- also one of the very important greenhouse and bin maintenance team members, salad builder, and farm stand saleswoman.  She is a fantastic equestrian, and loves raising chickens and goats.   Don't let that sweet face fool you, she's a go-getter, with big talent!  

Keegan- is another multipurpose greenhouse maintenance team member.  Keegan plays the flute in the marching band, and enjoys a good fireworks display, and playing video games.  

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