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A Purrfect Giving Day 11/30/21

Howdy Friends and Fans! Tuesday, November 30, 2021 was Giving Day. Our very own Annaliese (she's one of our frESH lettuce team members) has been up to some gooooood stuff this past year, with this specific Giving Day in mind. Skipping merrily down memory lane for a quick second, remember with me the donation jar at the ESH farm stand, with the catnip sachets. And remember that little QR code, write-up explaining her project, and picture that was with those cute little catnip sachets? (Ok, you don't have to jog too far down memory lane, and some of you had not been in to actually see the jar, so please check out the picture below.)

Annaliese hand made bunches of cute little catnip sachets with dried ESH catnip. She did the entire project herself, from coming up with the volunteer service project idea, to sewing, decorating, filling, and yes more sewing. Y'all did the rest. Y'all came out this past year and supported her (and the shelter) with your generous donations and purchases. Annaliese shouts, "Thank you all!!"

Well, as Anneliese promised (in the picture above), all of the proceeds did in fact go to the Loudoun County Animal Shelter (check out the picture below)! Thanks to the generous donations and purchases of catnip sachets, today on Giving Day, Annaliese was able to present a check of $300 to the shelter! Not only did she present some sweet cash to the great folks over at the shelter, she also presented them with a handful of catnip sachets. As you can see, a lil tuxedo kitty who goes by the name Capt. Hook was happy to inspect the bag. Rumor has it the Captain approved (and so did the humans who run the place)!

Friends and Fans, y'all know that most of us at ESH have an affinity for kitties (really, we love most kinds of adorable furry friends). This affinity has us wanting to remind you that there are plenty of adoptable felines out at LCAS. As of today's date, there are currently 23 little purring machines who would love to find their furrever homes. A place to call their own, a place to sing the song of their people, and commit adorable acts of cuteness. If you'd like to take a look, it's as easy as scrolling back up and aiming your cellphone camera at that QR code on the first picture. It takes you directly to the LCAS website, and you can click on the "available pets" icon.

One kitty that caught our attention is Ale. Ale is a beautiful ginger kitty, who needs a special home, as he is diabetic and needs daily medication. If you are that special human who would love to love on ole Ale, and help Ale live his best life, don't waste another day! Peep Ale to the right ->

Here you have Ale taking a break from wanting to drink out of the human water fountain he's been staring at, to do his part and inspect a catnip sachet. I'm betting he enjoyed the moment...

Ok Friends and Fans, a big resounding shout out to all of you amazing folks who took part in this year's Giving Day by purchasing these catnip sachets and donating to the cause! And thanks to those who tossed their extra coins in the jar too. Y'all are extraordinary humans! By the way, if you are up for some serious cuteness overload, you can go to the shelter on Saturday mornings (or is that Caturdays??) and read for a half-hour to a cat. Another purrfect reason to head over to LCAS! Check out more of the volunteer opportunities on LCAS website for more information.

Thanks again, Friends and Fans! Y'all are simply the BEST!

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