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Holidays at the Farm Stand

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Howdy, there Friends and Fans! Our little Farm Fam has been busy zhuzhing up the place for the holiday season. Those of you who know Mary Ellen, know that she loves, loves, loves Christmas, and we MUST make a "thing" of it! So, we have been cooking up some fun additions to the farm stand that we think you will love. Oh Yes, we love Thanksgiving, and all that it entails and means. And we do not want to skip over it. Not at all!

Of course, you will already be coming out to visit and buy lettuce blends and herbs, arugula, and microgreens, as usual. Even though Old Man Winter is knocking, we will be growing up the greens, and providing nutritious salad fixings, even in the snow. Red Gate Farm's local honey will stick around, too. Fresh eggs will be available as long as the chickens don't become free-loaders, and quit laying altogether. Go chickens, GO! So, while you're here getting your greens, why not step ten extra feet into our stand, and consider some handmade goodies?

The first addition will be fresh baked bread and croutons, made by Leyla Dorsey. This is the same amazing lady who owns Joy Flower Farm. That's right, she's multi-talented! I've had some of her still-warm-from-the-oven bread. Oh let me tell you, she makes amazing bread, and I'd knock someone out of the way to get my hands on a loaf! If her bread is that yummy, I'd guarantee her croutons are quite delicious as well. They will both be the perfect additions to your formal dinner, quiet comfort food, and delicious ESH salads.

Another really cool addition is handmade fiber products, brought to you by Solitude Wool. I am quite familiar with Solitude Wool's yarn skeins, completed items, and more, and I will say that these items are quite special and quality. Details for Solitude Wool's offerings will be coming soon.

The last addition (but not least) that we have up our sleeve is ESH hostess gifts and gift certificates. Lettuce give the gift of healthy, nutritious greens! For those Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving, Christmas, Festivus, or company get-togethers, stop by and grab a nice host/hostess gift that will get used over and over. We are putting together a nice little package that won't break the bank, and hint hint, lettuce might be involved. Hard to pass up, we think!

The frESH lettuce team has also decided that one easy way to gift a bag of Loudoun Lettuce or European Blend is with a gift certificate. It won't go bad if you leave it in your car or purse, and the recipient can come grab a bag at their convenience (not to mention we get to meet more new friends!). We are offering gift certificates for one bagged blend each, and gift certificates in $10 increments, so the recipient can grab a bottle of dressing or some microgreens, right along with their lettuce.

Here's the fine print on ESH gift certificates: We are going "old school" with our gift certificates. They are not digital! ESH gift certificates are to be used in person, at the farm stand, or our booth at the Reston, Falls Church, or DuPont Circle farmers markets. You will be able to purchase them in the online store, and we will fill in the amount and deliver it to you, with your lettuce products, at your selected market. Then you can fill in the recipient name, and hand deliver it to the lucky friend. At this time, we cannot redeem them in the online store. Finally, gift certificates are good for ESH products only: think lettuce, arugula, microgreens, herbs, and dressing. (Eggs, honey, bread, and decorations are not eligible.)

Friends and Fans, that wraps up our newest edition of "what's going on at ESH?". We hope that you will consider stopping in and supporting local business at our little farm stand. We appreciate it immensely, and please know that your business is cherished. We look forward to visiting with you and showing off our fancied up farm stand. Until next time!

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