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Lettuce Chat

Friends and Fans of ESH, lettuce chat about our socks. You have Knocked Our Socks Right OFF! (In a good way!) We never expected the amazing, immediate response to online ordering for the farmers markets. THANK YOU to those who have taken advantage of this option! If you haven't yet done so, we encourage you to try it out. As the situation changes day by day, this may become the only option to get you our lettuce. Lettuce knock your socks off in return.

We are evolving steadily, and taking steps to make the online shopping experience even better. Soon, we will be offering an online payment option. Each week, we will update our living heads and microgreens selections, so that you will know what is currently available. We are also taking steps, for safety and sanitary reasons, to offer all products pre-bagged. This includes all of your favorite herbs.

Learning and growing is what makes the world go around. We have learned a few things through trial by fire this week. So that we may serve you best, Falls Church and Dupont customers ALL: it is necessary for you all to place your online orders by 12pm Friday (noon), if you can. (We can take a few stragglers, but not many.) This way, we can have those orders completed and ready to go, so that Mary Ellen and Guy aren't trying to fill your orders before the coffee has kicked in. While we will do everything we can to get straggler orders completed, we cannot guarantee that orders placed after 12pm Friday will be filled and ready to go. We also learned that when you have your order number handy and available at pick up time, we can find your order in a jiffy. Less waiting time. Everybody is happy. One last very important thing: We know you pay for quality products, and that price is not the driving reason our discerning customers select us. Because we are taking extra care of your orders, to have them delivered safe, clean, and pre-packaged for your convenience and health, we will be adding a $3 care fee to all orders (it will show as "shipping"). Thank you for supporting us, while we support you. It is truly a symbiotic relationship, but not more than ever, we are taking care of each other.

Many of you have heard the phrase, "Spring has sprung". Well Fans, at ESH, Spring is currently "SPRINGING". And we love the progress we are seeing each day in the greenhouses. The lettuce loves this time of year! We look forward to being able to offer more and more bags, and living herbs for sale as the "Springing" continues. Keep your eyes peeled for future blog posts involving recipe ideas, website updates, random cheeky lettuce puns, and the like.

Lettuce romaine safe and healthy, Friends and Fans, and Lettuce Chat again soon!

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