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Lettuce Chat 05/13/2020 It's All About The Water

Updated: May 14, 2020

Hi again Friends and Fans of ESH! Lettuce chat about our lettuce. So very often, customers ask us what it is about our lettuce that makes it so darn good. Why does ESH lettuce outshine all the others? Isn't lettuce all the same? I mean, its "just" lettuce, right? It's really not all the same, because (drum roll please!..................) Water. H20. Liquid from the heavens. The wet stuff.

As you might have heard somewhere, ESH grows hydroponic lettuce. That means we use zero soil in the production of all of our lettuce, culinary herbs, and microgreens. We do not farm our lettuce the traditional way (in the soil, spraying fertilizer all over it, watering it from above). Our lettuce is grown in a circulating system of fresh water, that comes from the Blue Ridge Aquifer, and into Loudoun Valley.

Going further with our circulating system — it is actually a recirculating system. As the water flows through the gutters, across the roots of each plant, the plant only takes in the nutrition that it needs, leaving the rest in the water for the other plants down the line, creating a very efficient system where neither water nor nutrients are wasted needlessly.

Now that you know the basics of how, you know that due to the continuous use of the nutrients, the values in the water vary day to day, hour to hour. Therefore, our team checks and rechecks our water quality, pH levels, and nutrients, and then we check them again. We are constantly monitoring our water for the quality and health of our lettuce. Because basic water is in and of itself not naturally nutritious, (and because everything that grows needs to eat something nutritious to survive), we supplement our water source with a super-secret, signature blend of nutrients, which is the perfect nutrition for the plant, at the optimum levels.

The end result is the delicious, flavorful lettuce that our Fans rave about. So, it's not just plain old regular lettuce. It is well looked after, much fussed over, (sometimes sung to) and cared for, from the time it is planted, to the time it is harvested. Every drink the lettuce takes has the perfect blend of nutrition that it needs, for the stage of life that it is in.

Lettuce is 98% water. Water is life. Can we all agree at this point, that that means lettuce is life? Ok, well for our little lettuce factory, lettuce is life. That's it in a nutshell! That's why our lettuce tastes so good. And that's why it's not "just" lettuce. Friends and Fans, we thank you for loving our lettuce as much as we do. Lettuce chat again soon!

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