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Lettuce Chat, 05/25/21, American Beauty

Howdy Friends and Fans! This week, Lettuce Chat about American Beauty. Not the rose (although those are stunning), but ESH American Beauty living heads. We debuted this beautiful living lettuce last year, and continue to be wowed by its beautiful head shape, structure, and personality.

I must admit, we tend to associate things with the items we grow and produce. While chatting and working, we will declare things like, "this head looks like a rose!", or "this mint reminds me of mojitos", or "those scallion micros make me crave a Fireworks Pizza!". It's actually quite common at the lettuce factory to hear us go on and on about these random things. (Our list of strange lettuce and herb associations is a long one...) And so when it came to naming this head of lettuce, we began with red rose. But when the Lettuce Lady saw it, she said, "No! That's not just a rose, it is a beautiful American Beauty, and it's as beautiful as the American Beauty Rose!" So when we associated "American Beauty", we went straight to how we love America, and freedom, and on and on. Following that right down the line to the fact that this coming Monday is Memorial Day. Still with me? Whew! Now I know that Memorial Day has nothing to do with lettuce, or living heads specifically. It is far more important than lettuce.

We at ESH, have several members of our respective families who have served in the United States Military, all different branches. And we all pause to remember and give thanks for those brave soldiers who have given the ultimate sacrifice for this country we call home, and our freedom that we so cherish. We also know that we have some very amazing Friends and Fans who have also served in the Military, who will be remembering the fallen this Memorial Day. ESH will be joining you in remembering those amazing people. Whether you and your friends will get together to remember and walk down memory lane, or you will visit ANC or another hallowed ground to visit your loved one, we stand beside you in complete respect. The General would agree.

So, we still have our markets this pre-Memorial Day weekend, and we have several American Beauties that simply must be sold as living heads. We will have our usual line-up, but Y'all, these American Beauty heads are just gorgeous!

American Beauty Living Lettuce

The American Beauty living lettuce is a stunning rosette-shaped head, boasting red and green combination leaves. They are compact in the middle, and the leaves begin narrow, fanning out to a full, wide outer edge. It has a crispy leaf, and a neutral flavor, which will go perfectly in any salad creation, or on your burger or sandwich. I wouldn't recommend it for wraps. The narrow to wide edge progression doesn't lend itself to proper stuffing and holding.

Friends and Fans, that's all I have today. American Beauty living lettuce heads will be waiting for you at this weekend's markets, in all their glory. Pop on over and grab anything you need for your salads and herbs. Spring has sprung, and let me shout it loud that we've got plenty! Thanks for hanging out, lettuce chat again soon!

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