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Lettuce Chat 4/5/2020: What is this "out of stock", you speak of?

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Howdy Friends and Fans of ESH! Lettuce chat some more! We found our socks from last week. But then y'all went and knocked them right off again. We find this to be wonderful and cannot thank you all enough for supporting us and the local farmers markets. Mary Ellen loves the symbiotic relationship that we have with our customers, and the team at ESH couldn't agree more!

We understand the "to go" farmers market model is successful. That's pretty exciting to hear! We love to hear that you can still get your favorite market finds each week. It's pretty neat to be a part of such a new way of doing things. ESH is humbled to continue to be a part of your tables. Shout out to a couple of our fellow market vendors - Black Rock Orchard, and Zeke's Coffee!

We have had a few questions about items going out of stock in the store. Maybe we can answer the burning questions, "All orders are out of stock, why? When can I order again?" I am awfully long-winded, so I will try to make it short and simple. Just like at the farmers markets, we do sell out. Some items sell out earlier than others (we're talking to you, basil!). If that satisfies you as a response, please forward to the last two paragraphs. For the long story, keep reading.

Here's the long-winded version. Cue flashback sequence to pre-to go market "normal times". Each week, we harvest a new crop. We prepare this new crop as a fresh batch (and as the seasons go, volume varies). Each week, the prep team prepares that week's harvest as products for markets, until we are out of things to prepare. Pretty dry stuff, I know... We then divvy products up between the markets we attend. Those products go to the first market and sell on a first come, first served basis. Guy or Mary Ellen then packs up and comes back to the farm. And they do it again for the next market.

Flash forward to "now". We are still harvesting and preparing a fresh batch of products until we run out. But now that the rules have changed, we are abiding by "to go" market rules. We have online ordering available to both markets simultaneously, so we have to determine product volume in advance, and to be fair, we must abide by the first come, first served way of doing business.

Then there is the added step of gathering your orders and getting them ready to go before market opens. This has made it a necessity to cut ordering off after a certain time. This cut off (or "sold out") is so that we can fill the orders we do have, with great care. We cannot do that with orders made last minute (also, we might not have some items left last minute. Ahem...basil!). That's the long version. Long story over. Whew! Thanks for hanging in there.

Our takeaways from our learning experiences this week: Order early. Again, we fill orders in the order that they arrive. We are asking that you get your orders in by 12pm (noon) each Friday. There will be a cutoff point. We cannot guarantee that we will have all products in stock (like basil, mache, or the popular varieties of microgreens) late in the week, as many of our awesome customers are in fact ordering early. Thank you for that!

Y'all take care of yourselves. Eat healthy, exercise, rest, pre-order, and know that we are truly humbled by your responses and support. Lettuce chat again soon.

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