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Online Shopping with ESH

Updated: May 7, 2021

Friends and fans of Endless Summer Harvest, thank you for checking out our website! We are thrilled with the traffic and feedback about our website and shopping experience. We are keeping our “Shop” tab up to date, so that you can pre-order products, for grab-and-go at Reston, Falls Church, and Dupont Circle Markets.

On that note- The Reston, Falls Church, and Dupont Circle Markets seem to have settled down now. We continue to offer and encourage customers to take advantage of the pre-ordering, mentioned above, if you continue to require the fastest possible transactions, or wish to adhere to strict heath and safety guidelines.

To submit your online order, simply "check out" your cart, as you would on any other online store. During checkout, to specify pickup location, please use the drop down shipping menu options. For Dupont Circle, choose Dupont Circle pickup. For Falls Church, choose Falls Church Market. For Reston, choose Reston Market. We will receive your order, fill it, and have it ready to go when we see you at the designated market.

We have been allowed to return to "business as usual", and you may also browse and shop for your items right there at the market. Whatever is best for you! At the market site, you will have the opportunity to shop for items and pay via credit card (on Square as usual), and be on your way. We also continue to accept cash.

We are operating our on-site farm stand, just like our farmers market stand, so if you’re in the area, please come visit us. We also have the option to pre-order for the farm stand, if you choose to make it a quick trip.

Please stay tuned, check our Facebook and Instagram pages for latest updates and information. As always, we are monitoring our messages here, so if you have a question, we will answer it as quickly as we can.

Stay healthy, Friends and Fans!

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Unknown member
Apr 08, 2020

Hi Kathy! Our farmstand is open Tuesday-Saturday, 9am-12pm. Thank you!


Apr 08, 2020

Hi MaryEllen, it's Kathy Klavon. I cannot seem to find information of when and how to pick up the lettuce that I ordered. I was wondering if someone would be able to drop it off at my house? 333 Locust Grove Drive Purcellville 540-454-7095 I stopped over at the farm on the wrong day.

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