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There's one in every bunch.

Hey there Friends and Fans! Welcome to a non-informative, not-even-educational, random, brain-break post! Have you ever noticed that there is usually “one in every bunch”? Stick with me, you probably know what I mean. Typically, there is one stand-out in every group of every kind — the single “one” that stands out in a crowd. From the oddities to the most perfect, good or otherwise, there is often one thing that will catch your eye, or stick in your mind. It could be the class comedian, the double-yolked egg, the misshapen veggie, the perfect potato chip, the enthusiastic cowbell soloist, the dress she said yes to, or the most stunning sunset.

Over the years, we have learned that this phenomenon is true here at ESH, too. At any given point in time, we might run across the random oddity, for which there is no explanation. But poof! There it is, in all its glory. And at any given time, it is not unusual to find us (me) having a "photo shoot" with whatever it is that catches my eye. I have compiled a small collection of them, and I can’t wait to collect enough for an second edition of this post!

For the most part, you will see plant oddities. Some of them will be quite apparent, and a few might require a little bit of searching to see it. We do have a special place in our hearts for our toads and frogs and praying mantis. The orange/brown toad is Splat, and the grey one is Romeo (isn’t he handsome?).

We hope you find as much joy in this collection as we do. Lettuce look forward to the next stand-out, appreciate it for what it is, and look for the beauty, even in the oddities. And take a picture!

So, without further ado, here is the slideshow. It shows several examples of ESH’s "one in every bunch." (For best slideshow viewing and to see each picture in it’s entirety, please view the show on your computer browser. Click on the picture and allow it to open up, and then scroll through. Mobile viewing may not show the full picture.). Thanks for taking a brain-break with us!

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