Leyla's Bread and Croutons

Leyla's Bread and Croutons


Fresh baked bread and croutons by Leyla. Choose from a loaf of artisan bread, one pound of fresh baked baguettes, or one bag of seasoned croutons. These are the perfect addition to your dinners, comfort food, or salads.  Friends and Fans, I wish you could smell this amazing bread, and it will still be warm when you arrive!  


Stop in and see if we have any loaves or baguettes available, or pre-order now!  We do require 24 hours lead-time for ESH pick-up.

  • We're working out the details.

    We are still working out some details on the fresh baked bread.  At this time, we do not have a set in stone delivery day each week, but we are working on that, as well as pre-order forms.  So for now, please pop in to see if we have any that just arrived.  What we don't have to work out is how amazing this bread is and these croutons are!