Living Lettuce



Our signature crop.  Green and Red varieties offer smooth, buttery, sweet flavors.  Broad leaves good for sandwiches, salads, and wraps.



Classic Romaine. Perfect for Caesar salads.


Oak Lettuces

Dark Green and Red Oak- compact oak-shaped leaves are nutty and sweet. 

Light Green Oak- larger, light green and tender leaves.

Recommended for salads.



Broad green leaf lettuce, great for hamburgers, beds for chicken or tuna salad, and wraps.


American Beauty 

Beautiful rose-shaped head with red and green combination leaves.  Perfect for salads.



Frilly, ruffly-edges and light green color add beautiful contrast and texture to your salads.


Salad Dressing

C’est Bon

Don’t forget the dressing! White balsamic vinaigrette. You've got to try it to believe it.  It is made fresh, in small batches, locally, from seven simple ingredients. 

Lettuce Blends


Loudoun Lettuce / (7oz)…..(family size)

Combination of five of our sweet and healthy, fresh heads of lettuce that are blended with only the most perfect, whole leaves. (not pre-washed)


European Lettuce / (7oz....(family size)

Our European Lettuce Blend begins with our Loudoun Lettuce, adding our arugula, red-ribbon sorrel, and watercress, to make a spicy, complex flavor, nutritional blend. (not pre-washed)


Arugula (4oz)

If you like arugula, this may be the finest variety you have ever eaten.  It is tender, smooth, black pepper - butter tasting.

Living Herbs

Still on the root cube.







Red-Ribbon Sorrel





Selection and quantity vary week-to- week. 

Delicious, tiny nutritional powerhouses. Not just for garnish use.  Add micros to any dish to liven up the flavor and add nutrition.  Ask us about availability.


Asian           Cilantro           Scallion

Broccoli        Cucumber       Sunflower

Cabbage       Dill                Wasabi

Carrot          Fennel                     

Celery          Radish

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