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One of the most nutritious greens.

Add to salads for a peppery spike, or to potato, tuna, pasta and pizza.

Combines well with citrus, berries, avocado, and 
mild lettuces.

Serve with balsamic vinaigrette.


Beautiful tall, flirty green leaves.


Could be considered a fancy Romaine.


Great for lettuce leaf beds and platter liners.


Makes a terrific summer wrap.




Our signature crop.

Large broad outer leaves surrounding a beautiful tender heart.

Balances nicely with spicy greens like arugula and watercress.

Nice with balsamic vinegar, but ideal with any favorite dressing.

Great for lettuce wraps.

Tender, soft, sweet lettuce.


Green Oak Lettuce

Light green ruffled leaves, a perfect head of lettuce!

Our sweetest and most tender lettuce.

Crispy and sweet.

Can be used as a centerpiece.

Has been used in bridal bouquets.

Red Oak Lettuce
Multi Lettuce

A very fancy lettuce.


Not bitter, but has a distinct green flavor.


The sweet flavor enhances every salad.


Great for plated or lettuce beds.


Makes any salad pop with color and texture.

A crispy sweet lettuce similar in flavor to Romaine

but nothing like it in texture.

Magnificent ruffles with ridges.

Provides lots of texture in a salad.

Lovely light green leaves, great for an updated

Caesar salad.


The new super food!


Often used insandwiches in place of lettuce.


Incredibly nutritious!


High in vitamins A, C and K. Also has iron, calcium, antioxidant carotenoids and protective phytochemicals.


A pleasant spicy flavor perks up any salad or soup.


Succulent leaves have a horseradish taste.


Goes well with butter lettuce, endive or tomatoes.


Also mixes well with fruits, nuts, or pasta.


A retro green, popular in the 50's and 60's, making a comeback on our tables.




A crispy sweet lettuce similar in flavor to Romaine but nothing like it in texture.

Sweet, crispy, juicy leaves.

More nutritious than many other lettuces.

Tall, beautiful leaves.

The classic Caesar Salad lettuce. 


Salad Blends

Loudoun Lettuce:

Our private label salad. Includes five varieties of sweet lettuces in different colors, sizes, shapes andtextures to ensure an interesting and delicious blend.


European Blend: 

Loudoun Lettuce serves as the base to which arugula, watercress, and European greens are added.


Paramount Blend: 

Loudoun Lettuce serves as the base plus the zesty Asian flavors of mizuna, red mustard, pak choi, and leaf broccoli have been added.


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