The ESH Farm Stand

Farm Stand customers:  YES, We are open Friday and Saturday (25th & 26th)!  Come by and see us for your lettuce needs and check out our Christmas store.  New items are arriving!

Open Hours:
Tuesday - Saturday : 9am-noon

36474 Osburn Rd.  Purcellville, VA 20132 
(703) 431-0689


Meet Our Farm Friends!

Loudoun Lettuce

ESH's exclusive Lettuce Blends and fresh herbs

Living Heads

ESH's seasonal living lettuce heads

Joy Flower Farm

Blooms and Baguettes by Joy Flower Farm

Seasonal Flowers

Blooms and Baguettes by Joy Flower Farm

Artisan Bread

Blooms and Baguettes by Joy Flower Farm

Local, Raw Honey

Local honey by Red Gate Farm


Chicken eggs by View of Heaven Farm, delivered weekly


Seasonal veggies are here!

Handcrafted Bar Soap

Sweetwater Soaps handcrafted bar soap

Foaming Soap

Sweetwater Soaps handcrafted foaming soap

Balsamic Vinegarette

White Balsamic Vinaigrette by C'est Bon

Little Things Farm

Eggs by Little Things Farm.

Blue Heron Farm

Eggs by Blue Heron Farm, delivered weekly