Frequently Asked Questions 

Lettuce review our Frequently Asked Questions.  If you do not find your question/answer below, we'd love to chat with you online or through our mailbox.  Please allow us a bit of time to get back with you if we are not currently online.

How can we pre-order your lettuce?

You can click on the Shop tab at the top of the page.  After you view your desired product, add it to your cart.  Make sure you have the right size, quantity, and product!  When you are done adding products to your cart, click checkout.  You will be directed to pay for your order (through Square) via credit card.  Please select your desired pick up location.  Finish your checkout, and make note of your invoice number.  Please indicate that you pre-ordered, when you arrive at your pick up location.

Why did I get an email saying that my order is not yet complete?

If you receive an email saying that your order is not yet complete, it is because your order has not been finalized, or payment has not gone through, or for some reason your order has not been made final.  You will receive this if you close your browser page with products in your cart. This means that your shopping cart is saved and you can go back to add to, take away, or change your order and then place your order, if you choose.  

How do we pay for orders online and at the farm stand?

We accept credit cards through Square, and we accept cold hard cash.  Online payments are safe and secure through Square.  

What are the days and hours of the ESH farm stand?

ESH farm stand is open for pick up and "drive in" sales Wednesday through Friday, 9am-12pm (noon) and Saturday 9am-12pm. These are the only days and hours we are open to sell our products.  We are anticipating continuing the farm stand through the winter season, based on product availability.  

What is the $3 fee?

The $3 fee is our care fee.  It takes extra time, extra people, extra payroll, extra care, extra packaging products, Square processing fees, website fees, webmaster coordination, and paper and ink (oh my-lanta the ink!!), beyond our normal, to make this ordering thing happen.  We have found these items a necessity in order to comply properly with the current market operating regulations, and to keep your bag in some semblance of order.  *If you were wondering, and I'm guessing you were, because here we are together... The $3 shows up in the cart at checkout as "shipping".  This is because we cannot change the verbiage to "care fee". I wish we could, for accuracy, but it's just not changeable.  I've even yelled at the computer, but nope.  No difference.  So, if you need to, please chat with the Head of Lettuce, and she will take care of you, where this matter is concerned.  Thank you for understanding. 

Can I plant the living herbs in soil and make them grow?

Maybe.  Maybe not.  Long story short, our culinary herbs are not like/the same as seedlings that you find in the garden center to plant in your garden. Any attempts to plant them should be considered experimental.  To read about it in detail, please click here.  This will take you to our blog.  Find the Lettuce Chat 4/28/2020  "Can I Plant It?" blog post, which addresses the subject.  

Should I wash my lettuce?  VERY IMPORTANT stuff here, PLEASE NOTE!!!

Following health and safety guidelines, we recommend that you wash ALL of your produce before consuming, including your lettuce and herbs.  Just like some fruits and veggies that you wait to wash right before you eat them, wash your lettuce (please be gentle). *If you are concerned with the outside of the lettuce bag when you bring it home, feel free to give it a quick wash/wipe down.  When we are preparing the bagged lettuce blends, we are masked-up and gloved-up properly, as appropriate (we aren't breathing all over your salad). For more information, and a really long detail-filled read, please avail yourself of Our Commitment to You.

What is the best way to purchase your products?

The best method of purchasing the best lettuce and herbs in the county is by clicking on the Shop tab at the top of your page.  Shop comfy in your skivvies, super hero cape, and coffee in hand, if you like.  Add items to your cart, choose your pick up location, pay, and go pick up some brunch.  Then, head on over to your chosen pick up location.  Please do make note of your invoice number when you arrive, but don't forget your pants. Super hero cape is totally optional...

It's past 12pm on Friday, can I still place my order?

Maybe.  Maybe not.  Some items sell out fast faster than others.  You just never know if your items will still be in stock, if you wait until the last minute.  The 12pm cutoff is highly recommended and greatly appreciated.  Falls Church customers, your cutoff is Friday 12pm.  Let me be very clear, if you order past your cutoff time, we will try to have your order ready, or your invoice printed.  However, if you place an order after Guy leaves for that specific market, we have no way to relay your order details to him, and he has no way to verify that you paid.  You will need to show him your invoice email and be patient while he puts your order together.  Dupont Circle customers, your cutoff is 12pm Saturday.  If an item goes out of stock, it will be back in stock sometime Sunday afternoon, to order and pick up at the next weekend market.  The sure-fire way to score you some highly sought after culinary herbs and micros is to order early in the week.

Where is your farm located?  Can I buy lettuce from you there?

Yes!  We'd love it if you came to the farm to buy lettuce!  We love meeting our customers!  Our farm is located at 36474 Osburn Road, Purcellville, VA 20132. If you need GPS assistance, Waze app knows where we are, as well as Google maps.  Look for our bright yellow signs along the road, advertising Farm Stand Salads For Sale.  

Can we take a tour of your farm?

No, but how cool would that be?!  Unfortunately, we cannot allow on-the-spot farm tours at this time.  Under "normal" circumstances, we only allow pre-arranged tours for Mary Ellen-approved groups. (Pre-arranged, Mary Ellen-approved tours have been set up with the Head of Lettuce Herself, in advance.  Farm staff do not arrange tours.) Please do not drive all the way from OBX or Fairfax and ask for a tour.  That being said, we have recently added a blog post and a virtual farm tour video, which is totally worth the 20 minutes it takes to watch. (Click on that blog link, then look for "Virtual Farm Tour". Or find it on our home page.)  This is very similar to a live and in-person tour that you are burning to take.

I am starting my own hydroponic operation.  Can I ask you questions on how to do this?  Can I come for a tour to look at your greenhouses?

Possibly.  Mary Ellen is happy to officially consult with you for a minimum fee of $500, with the consult fee going up, in relation to more in-depth information.  Farm staff and Mary Ellen will not answer any questions you have, unless it is clearly visible or talked about in one of our videos.  Our answers will point you back to the videos or repeat that same information.  Any further information will only be given under a pre-arranged meeting with us.  If you would like to arrange a consultation with Mary Ellen, and agree to the consultation fee, please email us, or use the "contact us" form, and she will get in touch with you directly.

I placed my order online, when can I pick it up at the farm stand?

ESH farm stand is open for pick up and "drive in" sales Wednesday through Friday, 9am-12pm (noon), and Saturday 9am-12pm.  For online order pick up, it is most helpful if you leave us a note at checkout, indicating which day you plan to pick up.  Please have your order number available.  Our farm is located at 36474 Osburn Road, Purcellville, VA 20132. Waze app knows where we are, as well as Google maps.  Look for our bright signs, along the road, advertising lettuce for sale.  **It is also most helpful if you give us 24 hours to get  your order ready.  (Please allow us an hour to receive and fill your order.  We may have not gotten to it yet and we'd rather not keep you waiting, while we reenact a scene from "The Three Stooges" trying to find it, when it hasn't been filled yet, entertaining as that might be.)  

I placed my order online, can a friend pick it up for me?

Of course!  Please indicate this in the notes of your order, if you know this before hand (applicable to both markets and ESH farm stand). If this comes up after your order is placed, please leave us a message through our chat/contact us.  We will be happy to note it on your invoice. **Your friend should have your name and order number available at time of pick up.

Are you currently hiring?

*Please check back right here periodically, to see if anything has opened up.  Positions on both the Prep Team and Greenhouse Team for the Fall/Winter seasons have been filled. Fall/Winter positions tend to have fewer hours and days, and flexibility/availability is a must, as our volume fluctuates.  As you consider working with us at the farm, please keep in mind that we place high value on great attitudes, flexibility, hard work, high quality, attention to detail, willingness to get dirty and wet, ability to handle non-climate-controlled work areas, and not taking ourselves too seriously (not an all-inclusive list).  All positions are considered part time.

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