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Christmas Holiday Farm Stand Time

Hi there Friends and Fans! It's that time of year - Christmas Holiday Farm Stand time! We love Christmas decorations. LOVE THEM. Ok, since you probably noticed that the Farm Stand page magically turned into the Christmas Holiday Farm Stand page on our website, and most likely scrolled through the pictures, I'm going to just go ahead and elaborate on that.

The ridiculously talented decorating and creating elves have done their magic. All that magic has come from local, Loudoun County artisans (and a couple of related folks too). Let's take a glimpse of who and what you're looking at.

View of Heaven Farm is still with us, featuring winter veggies (while supplies last), pine cone bird treats, and more goodies to come.

Sweetwater Soaps also remains, with an even larger selection of scented bar soaps, foaming soaps, and now shave bars.

Red Gate Farms honey is now available in two sizes: a 16 ounce glass jar, and an 8 ounce honey bear.

Leyla, owner of Blooms and Baguettes by Joy Flower Farm, has outdone herself again. She styled our archway, and has created some amazing porch pots in several sizes. Not only has she continued Fresh Bread Friday (which you can still special order for Friday pick up), but her daughter has baked some delectable scones for Wednesday-Friday enjoyment.

Laura, owner of Little Things Farm, not only has chicken eggs and goat-raising going for her. She has created several versions of pallet Christmas trees, table topper trees (not just for Christmas; there are local themed ones and a menorah one, too!), and our very own ESH Endless Summer themed t-shirts.

Andie Salad has allowed us to sell her Christmas pet themed coloring book as a set. Go read about her on her very own ESH blog post!

Next, we have M. Esposito's hand painted rocks and cactus pots. So very cute!

Loudoun Wicks has poured some beautiful candles in two sizes, an elegant large glass jar and a beautiful smaller tin.

K. Moorcones created the most dainty and perfect hand folded star ornaments. I have threatened to take the whole display home, with everything on it!

Solitude Wool is back this year, with blank cards featuring scenes of their Loudoun County raised sheep.

Crafty Tee is also new to us this year, with precious hand made Santa gnomes, mitten ornaments, and ball ornaments.

Big, huge, warm ESH welcome to all of our new artisans! Please pop in to see the store for yourself. The pictures really do not do it justice.

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